Meet Tamara Fye of Hardin Valley

Where Does Her Story Begin?

My story begins with my Gram who had just had her second total knee replacement surgery when I graduated from high school. I told her I wanted to be a hairdresser. Gram said, “You have to have your own profession to support yourself. What will happen if, God forbid, you marry, have kids, then end up divorced, or he passes away? How will you care for your children? I just had another knee surgery. I think you would be great at helping people get better after surgeries.” Even though I thought, “That would never happen to me,” I decided to try it and attended college. I received my associate degree in physical therapy assisting (PTA). After college graduation, I got married, and 2 years later, we had a son. Well guess what happened? Gram was right. I had an 18-month-old son going through divorce court for 1.5 years. Thank heavens, I listened to Gram and had a stable career.

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